Friends Against Scams is a National Trading Standards Scams Team initiative, which aims to protect and prevent people from becoming victims of scams by empowering people to take a stand against scams

Over half of over 65 year old people have been targeted by scams, and those scams cost the UK economy up to £10 billion each year. We understand the turmoil that can be caused by falling victim to scams, and we want to support those who have been targeted by scams, as well as educating our community on what to do when you have been targeted.

A number of our team have been trained to be a Friend Against Scams and our Development Manager is a Scam Champion. As Scam Champions we are able to deliver talks to our community to educate, answer questions and offer support about scams. If you are interested in learning more about scams go to the Friends Against Scams website

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