Oaklands Court Residents Are Rocks in the Local Community

Oaklands Court care home is proud of its residents’ creativity and this has been put to best use recently by playing their part in the public art project that has popped up all over the UK, delighting and surprising people across the local community.

Oaklands Court is located in a prime position to connect with the local community as the home is well-positioned within the village. The residents have been taking part in the ‘Kindness Rock’ trend – also known as ‘Hidden Rocks’ – where small stones and large pebbles are painted with happy designs or empowering quotes and then tucked near footpaths and walkways for others to discover and hide them again.

It’s a simple premise but the impact globally has been a resounding success, with social media groups created so that people can share their positive vibes upon discovering a hidden rock. Local residents that have found a hidden rock have posted pictures of the rock on Oaklands Court Facebook page, with messages of thanks for taking time to spread some happiness. These stones were then rehidden for other people to find in future.

With over 70 painted stones produced, Oaklands residents needed a helping hand and threw open their doors to the local community – just as they had done pre-Covid – to hold craft sessions over the summer. The residents were joined by staff and local children to design and produce the stones.

It represented a welcome return to how life was before Covid arrived. Oaklands Court is an integral part of the local community and had, in the past, enjoyed fetes and Christmas fairs. There were especially strong links with the younger community, with visits and pen pals getting in touch regularly. With Covid putting a stop to social mixing with the community, our residents had missed the interactivity and connection and so they approached ‘Hidden Rocks’ with great enthusiasm and gusto.

Oakland Court’s Hidden Rocks have been placed from Horam to Maynard’s Green, along the Cuckoo Trail, and in and around the village too. Sometimes, people pop the stone back exactly where they found it, while others carry it with them for a while before setting it down for others to find. Our residents are tuned into our Facebook page to see how far their stones will travel.

A fabulous way to mark the return of Oakland Court’s community projects, there is still plenty of time to get involved. When you’re out and about in the village or on the Cuckoo Train line between Horam and Maynard’s Green, look out for our Hidden Rocks. If you see one, please take a photo and post it to our Facebook page and then pop it down or bring it with you to hide it somewhere else. Where will we get to?

We are currently welcoming residents to explore what life with us at Oaklands Court will be like. If you’d like to talk with us, please call us on 01435 813030 or email us on reception@oaklands-court.com.

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