How do I choose between care homes?

Once you have found a few care homes you like, it can be difficult to choose between them, even if you have been to visit them and have completed a care home checklist. When choosing a care home, it is important to consider the following:

  • Will your friends and family be able to visit you easily?
  • Will you be able to be part of the local community?
  • Will you have to change doctors and dentists? If you do, are you happy to do so?
  • Are there local landmarks you are interested in?
The home
  • If you do not like lifts or stairs, can the home ensure that you will be able to live on the ground floor? This includes access to bathrooms, activities, dining areas and living areas
  • Is the home willing to cater to your hobbies?
  • Can you make changes to your room?
The staff
  • Did you find the staff welcoming?
  • Were the staff allowing residents choice and respect?
  • Where there many agency staff working or is there a core staff group within the home?
  • Did you meet the activities co-ordinator (if the home has one)?
    • Remember that the activities co-ordinator plans all activities in the home, so it is important to have a good relationship with them
The atmosphere
  • Do you get a good ‘vibe’ from the home?
  • Did you feel comfortable when you were in the home?
  • Did you speak to any of the residents? Did they seem happy?
  • Was there music playing in the home?
  • Make a list of all the pros and cons of each home
  • What does your gut instinct say?
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