The following Frequently Asked Questions are a range of questions that are often asked of our home managers however they are not a fully comprehensive set of FAQs as this would take many pages to cover. If there are questions that you have that are not included here please feel free to contact our home managers or email us on enquiries@chanctonbury-care.com:
What are the fees?

The fees are shown on each of the home’s pages. They are always up-to-date.

Do you accept residents funded by adult social care or the NHS?

We are unable to accept residents who are funded by social services unless the total fees are topped by a third party to reach our level of fees, which is shown on each home’s web page.  If the resident is eligible for continuing healthcare funding, please contact us directly and we can discuss this with you.

What if I came in as a private resident but my funds are drying-up, will you ask me to leave?

We understand that when a resident comes to our home, it becomes their home, and we don’t want to ask a resident to leave. Therefore, to prevent this happening, when coming to our home on a permanent basis, we ask you to complete a financial assessment which will guarantee that the resident can meet two years’ fees. Each year we will revise your financial situation with you and discuss accordingly.

Will you ask for exorbitant fee increase every year?

No. We both sign a contract of residency and in that contract it states that we cannot ask for annual fee increase that exceeds 2% above the Retail Price Index. Most times we ask for fee increases that are less than this maximum.

What does the fee cover and will I have to pay anything on top?

The weekly fee covers care staff 24 hours per day every day of the year, all food and drinks, laundry services, activities and cleaning services. The fee also covers maintenance, tv, reception services etc. The only charges that may occur on top of the fee is for hairdressing, chiropody and telephone calls. If you have visitors we will provide refreshments free of charge.

How do I know that I will like being in one of your care homes?

In the contract of residency there is an agreement that you have a one month trial to see if you like living in the home. An alternative is that you can come in for a respite period for a week or two weeks to see if you like it, and you can do this as many times as you like, providing that we have rooms available.

Can I bring in my own furniture?

Of course you can. But it is subject to some health and safety rules such as you don’t create a hazard to yourself by having too much furniture in your room, and that any electrical equipment is safe.
We provide quality furniture: a bed, wardrobes and drawers along with a television. The rooms are always carpeted and have nice curtains, and there is always a wash basin and toilet in your en-suite. We will also put up your pictures and photographs where you would like them to be.

Will you allow cats or dogs to live with me in the home?

Unfortunately we do not. Pets are welcome to visit the home but we cannot allow animals to live in the homes.

Are you going to make me do things when I don’t want to do them?

Absolutely not. We stress that we do what you want to do, as long as it is not detrimental to your health or welfare. We are not institutionalised, we are there to give you a wonderful and fulfilling life. We realise that everyone is different – some people love company and others are independent, and we strive to understand what your needs are and to ensure we meet them.

Am I going to be just sitting in the lounge in a big circle with all the other residents, like you see a lot on the telly?

Absolutely not. We say again that we are not institutionalised. We have activities and events in all our homes which you can choose to join in or not, and this includes occasionally going out on trips. You can stay in your room, or sit with other residents in their rooms or in the lounge for a chat and a cup of tea – it is all your choice.

I have problems with continence, are your staff going to look after me properly?

Our staff are very experienced in dealing with continence issues and know how to care for you to ensure that you are not embarrassed or uncomfortable. We work with the local NHS or Pharmacies to get the right continence wear for you.

I don’t sleep very well, will someone be there to look after me at night?

There are experienced staff on all night, and there is a call-out system for local staff if there was a big or difficult issue to deal with. Our night carers will always provide you with a cuppa or night drink whenever you want, and they will always be checking around that everyone is all right.

In the nursing homes, do you employ real nurses?

Yes, all our nurses are qualified and have a UK PIN number to prove so. Incidentally, all our staff are thoroughly checked when we employ them to ensure that they don’t have any previous issues that would cause concern.

When can visitors come and see me?

Anytime. We don’t put down any time restrictions, but if anyone is going to visit outside the times of 9am to 7pm, we ask that they let us know.

How do I let staff know that I have got a problem, when I’m in my room?

In every room, and all lounges and dining rooms, there is an electronic call system that immediately rings when you press your call button. The screens around the home tell the carers which room is calling, and they will come and attend to you.

Will I have all different carers looking after me?

Due to the need to have staff on all round the clock every day of the year, the shift rota systems means that there will be different staff at different times of the week – but we always seek to minimise too many staff caring for you. You will find that our staff are very caring and friendly, and they really have your care as their top priority.

I find it very difficult to have a bath, what happens in the home in this regard?

All our homes have assisted bathrooms and showers. If you choose to have a carer help you bathe then they will do so when it suits you. The assisted baths make it very easy for you to get in and out of the bath, and the water temperature is always controlled so that it does not scald you. You can choose to bathe yourself, but we will check that you can do this safely. The vast majority of our residents prefer to be bathed in safety with a carer assisting.

What happens if I complain, will I be treated badly?

Absolutely not. We all welcome complaints because we really want to know if you are worried or have any issues so that we can correct it. We have a formalised complaints procedure that ensures we investigate your complaint properly.

How does the company ensure that all these answers are really true?

In the Quality System section of the website you will see the detail of how we manage the quality in our homes. We have a very comprehensive checking system that is undertaken on a monthly basis and includes asking residents, their visitors and staff their opinion on how we are all doing our work and if it is meeting resident’s needs. A senior manager also visits each home every month and talks to residents and staff to get their opinions.

Our nursing team are happy to answer any questions
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