Auditing our services

At Chanctonbury Healthcare we believe that monitoring the quality of our care and services is vital to our work. It is important that care homes like us have an effective quality system to check and audit how we are doing on a continuous basis. This raises any issues that need consideration and correction at the earliest stage so we can ensure we are doing what is best for our residents.

As part of this quality monitoring system, we:

  • Ask for written feedback from our residents, their families and visitors, plus staff and professionals who visit the home
  • Monitor accidents and incidents within the home
  • Review care plans and documentation for each resident
  • Receive regular visits from our Operations Director and Owners to ensure that our high standards are constantly maintained
  • Invite independent assessors to monitor health and safety
  • Update our policies and procedures
  • Monitor all staff training and invite staff to complete NVQ courses
  • Hold monthly management reviews, whereby all the Care Home Managers, the Operations Director, and the rest of the management team meet to review the output of the previous month’s quality system. They review trends and any issues that arise and agree corrective actions


High quality care

All levels of management and staff at Chanctonbury Healthcare are “committed to keeping care at the very core of everything we do, ensuring true quality of life for our residents in this, their home, and enabling our care colleagues to deliver that quality”.

We pride ourselves on high-quality personal care and support for residents and we recognise that this is dependent upon both our staff and the management systems that we use.

Our managers are all very experienced at managing care homes and ensuring that the proper care and attention is provided by staff to all residents regardless of their needs, whether simple or complex. We also have very experienced staff with one key motivator and that is the care of their residents.

The senior managers of the business visit each home on a regular basis and there are continuous reporting systems that they review on a weekly basis. They interact and chat regularly to residents and staff alike to ensure they know that the level of care being provided is as good as it can be.

Likewise, senior management have a monthly review with the home managers with the sole purpose of assessing the levels of care the homes are providing. 

Each home is inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and their results are published on their website.


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