Research in care homes

We are proud to be part of Enrich – enabling research in care homes. For care homes, research can directly and indirectly enhance the quality of life for residents and provide an opportunity for professional staff development. For residents, research gives this vulnerable population a voice, which is important for people with dementia who often have communication difficulties.

The NIHR ‘Enabling Research In Care Homes’ (ENRICH) programme is the first national care home research network in the world. It aims to broaden the research landscape by encouraging stronger partnerships between researchers, care home staff and residents.

Now in its fourth year, the ENRICH network is flourishing with almost 1,000 care homes on board. Many have now participated in research at some level by recruiting to studies, completing surveys or joining study review groups.

An online toolkit compliments the programme, detailing how research works, how to overcome the challenges faced by care homes and best practice. Whilst focusing on dementia, the information provided is transferable to other disease areas and conditions.

We are proud to be a part of the ‘Research Ready Care Home Network’ Working to improve the quality of life, health, care and treatment of residents.

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