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Our Philosophy

At Chanctonbury Healthcare, we care about caring! Care is just not about the provision of care services, it is about the human touch, the philosophy all in Chanctonbury Healthcare Ltd adopt and the inherent caring that each staff member feels for residents.
Our Care Philosophy:
Our care homes are each resident's home

Moving in to care can be a difficult choice. We want to make the transition as easy as possible, and make sure that every resident feels that they are at home with us. Whether this be through tailored activities, your choice of bedroom decor or food choices, we will make sure everyone feels at home at Chanctonbury Healthcare.

Each resident is an individual

Choice is paramount in our homes. We want to make sure that each individual is fulfilled during their stay in our homes and understand that fulfilment comes in many different ways, and will do what we can to make sure that everyone gets an individual experience with us.

Each resident's bedroom is their home, and we will treat it as such at all times

No member of staff will enter your bedroom without knocking first, and once they are in your bedroom, will be respectful of your property and wishes. If suitable, we will redecorate your bedroom before you come to stay at our home, and we can give you a choice of décor so your room can be a little more you.

Each resident has the care they need, regardless of cost, complication or complexity

Each resident has the care he or she needs, regardless of cost, complication or complexity

We provide only high-quality care

All our homes are rated over 9/10 on independent review site, Carehome. All three homes are rated Good with the CQC. We collect feedback from residents, relatives and visitors on a regular basis and ensure that all our care is at the highest standards.

Our staff will deliver the right level of service with a smile

No matter how they are treated, however complex or difficult a resident’s needs are, our staff will ensure residents get the highest quality of care

We will look after not only resident's physical needs, but their emotional ones too

Not only do we look after each resident’s physical needs, we also recognise that we have a need to look after their emotional needs in a proper and inclusive manner

We are a community

We are a community, but we also recognise that some residents may want their own company, or are independent

We treat all residents with respect at all times

We ensure our residents have the privacy they need, and support autonomy, independence and involvement in both the home and the community.

We treat all residents with compassion

We understand how difficult it is for resident’s when staff have to do very personal things for them, and we do them with care, respect and compassion

We ensure that any problems are solved for our residents

Our management systems and audit philosophy ensures that issues are minimised for residents, and if any problems do occur then they are quickly and comprehensively corrected.

We Care About Caring

The company’s motto is “We care about caring” and this is delivered throughout the business.

Quality Monitoring System

At Chanctonbury Healthcare we believe that monitoring the quality of our care and services is vital to our work. It is important that care homes like us have an effective quality system to check and audit how we are doing on a continuous basis. This raises and issues that need consideration and correction at the earliest stage so we can ensure that we are doing what is best for our residents.

As part of this quality management system, we:

  • Ask for written feedback from our residents, their families and visitors, staff and professionals who visit the home
  • Monitor accidents and incidents within the home
  • Review care plans and documentation for each resident
  • Have visits from our operations director and owners to ensure that our standards are maintained
  • Invite independent assessors to monitor our health and safety
  • Update our policies and procedures
  • Monitor all staff training and invite staff to complete NVQ courses

There is a quality system monthly management review, whereby all the care home managers, the operations director, and the rest of the management team meet to review the output of the previous month’s quality system. They review trends and any issues that arise, and agree corrective actions.

Quality Care

We pride ourselves on high quality personal care and support that we provide for our residents and we recognise that this is dependent upon both our staff and the management systems that we use.

 Our managers are all very experienced at managing care homes and ensuring that the proper care and attention is provided by staff to all residents regardless of their needs, whether simple or complex.

 We have very experienced staff and they only have one key motivator and that is the care of their residents.

 The senior managers of the business visit each home on a regular basis and there are continuous reporting systems that they review on a weekly basis. They talk regularly to residents and staff alike to ensure that they know that the level of care being provided is as good as it can be.

 Senior management have a monthly review with the home managers with the sole purpose of reviewing that the levels of care that the homes are providing are as good as it can be.

 All levels of management live and breathe the company’s motto “We care about caring”.

Each home is inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and their results are published on their website.

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